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Please note, the Fine Products,Inc. telephone number has been changed from 978-630-4477 to 978-895-7405.

March 2017

Fine Products, Inc. (FPI) adds a new online merchant account to offer select company products and products developed by the company for clients. The new online store is titled, "FPInc" and is found on Etsy.com, follow or copy link below; https://www.etsy.com/shop/FPInc

September 2013

Fine Products, Inc. installs a new 3D printer to further enhance its turnkey 3D product design and prototyping services. “Together we will make a difference”.

August 2013

Fine Products, Inc. Celebrates 10 years of business operation, accrediting its valued customers for their patronage. "Together we will make a difference".

March 2013

ATTENTION: RETAIL ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURERS AND MAJOR RETAILERS!!! Fine Products, Inc. (FPI) is proudly introducing and seeking licensees for the "Receipt Saver PRO", a New “GO GREEN” pat. pending consumer retail technology. With a simple “Receipt Saver Pro” card, consumers can electronically archive all their retail shopping receipts in one easy paperless networked location to remotely track their spending and to access for future returns. The technology is also ideal for retailers to boost their marketing information and sales. The new patent pending technology was developed by Vadim Drozd of New Jersey. The Receipt Saver Pro Technology is available now for technology transfer or licensing. For more information, Contact Robert at Fine Products, Inc. 978-630-4477, E-mail: rross@fineproductsinc.com

April 2012

Fine Products, Inc. (FPI) is pleased to announce that Swinga Baby, a valued FPI client has received a U.S. patent for the Swinga Baby™ product and product features. The Swinga Baby™ product is a swing accessory that attaches for baby carseat carriers. Contact Fine Products Inc. for more information. 978-630-4477 or by e-mail, info@fineproductsinc.com. Fine Products, Inc. develops new products, manufacturing processes and supporting intellectual property.

March 2012

Fine Products, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of the GenTent™. The GenTent™ is a brand new product invented by Mark Carpenter of New Hampshire. Use the durable GenTent™ safety canopy to protect your portable generator and electrical cable connections against all weather conditions. This product was successfully tested in Hurricane Irene and the recent Snowtober storm. MADE in the USA! The GenTent™ was invented by Mark Carpenter of New Hampshire, CEO of GenTent Safety Canopies LLC. Fine Products, Inc. worked with Mark to develop this one of a kind patent pending product. The FPI team designed and built prototypes of the universal telescoping clamp that enables the GenTent canopy to connect to a very wide range of portable generators. Contact Fine Products, Inc. for more information; 978-630-4477 or e-mail; info@fineproductsinc.com. Fine Products, Inc. generates 3D CAD, 3D CAD structural analysis and prototype through production engineering support for new product concepts.

July 2011

New patent pending wireless remote controlled medical technology was developed for a Berkeley CA client. Patent generation and functional prototype successfully built and tested.

July 2011

New Organic Color Restoration Dyes for Mulch and Lawns Fine Products, Inc. (FPI) is now seeking distribution contracts for patent pending Lawn and Mulch Restoration Coloring Dyes, made in the USA. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Jun 27, 2011 – Now restore your fading yard mulch or touch up drying grass spots to its original attractive color using the new patent pending non toxic coloring dyes developed by Marjorie Hall, new product inventor. The new system is available in powder mixture or in liquid form. Just add a small proportion to a gallon of tap water, mix and spray the affected areas of the yard that need color restoration. The chemical is organic so it is safe for use in yards where children and pets play. Green coloring is used for grass touchups, ideal for realtors or before the big BBQ. Three shades of coloring are available for mulch; (red, brown and black) coloring dye dries durable and lasts for weeks. Product is Made in the U.S.A., wholesale orders up to 25,000 units will ship within 2 weeks, F.O.B. Idaho. Wholesale orders and licensing is now available to qualified distributors. For all inquiry's, contact Fine Products, Inc. Gardner, MA 01440. "Together We Will Make a Difference" That is the Fine Products, Inc. (FPI) slogan. Fine Products, Inc. offers practical, cost effective solutions for new product development.

MARCH 2011

Fine Products, Inc. has now upgraded its 3D CAD capabilities to include the latest version of SolidWorks 2011. SolidWorks has truly become the most recognized and widely used 3D modeling software package used in modern 3D CAD design and CAM manufacture. The software is more familiar to the companies design team and it complements FPI's very diverse product lines. The new software also helps the company to work even more seamlessly with our many clients who use or request the use of SolidWorks. FPI is now ready to be the primary source for all your 3D product design and manufacture needs.

July 2010

ATTENTION BABY PRODUCT DISTRIBUTORS AND LICENSING MANUFACTURERS: Fine Products Inc. is proud to introduce a new baby product named SwingaBaby, invented and owned by Mark Furman, of Barrington, Illinois. Mark Furman recently contracted Fine Products, Inc. to aide in the development of baby swing accesory products for baby car seat carriers. New patent pending products have been developed and are currently being marketed under the trade name, SwingaBaby. The SwingaBaby products benefit from the use of existing baby car seat carriers required by federal law for child safety. The new swing accessory adds a new value and functional purpose to required car seat carriers. The SwingaBaby products are designed to be compact and ligt weight for portable use. The SwingaBaby products are universally attachable to baby car seat carriers and attachable to overhead structures including; an optional custom frame, swing stations, and ceiling beams. The products are designed to meet safety compliance with ASTM F 2088. We are now accepting all inquiries, advanced orders, contracts and licensing agreements. Please contact Robert at Fine Products, Inc. 978-630-4477.

June 2010

ATTENTION MANUFACTURERS of TUBULAR RECREATIONAL PARK EQUIPMENT; Fine Products, Inc. is now licensing a new Tubular Frame for picnic tables, benches and other related recreational equipment. The new design has an adjustable construction to accommodate differing sized persons from youth to adults. The new thoughtful design was invented by Mr. Leverne Moore of Moore Enterprise in North Carolina and Linley Mascarenhas (supportive engineer) of Sunrise Technologies, Inc. in Michagan. Moore Enterprise has invented many types of consumer products over the last 20+ years to support different needs of people in society. Moore Enterprise works closely with supporting engineers and manufacturers to develop their products. Leverne Moore Owner of Moore Enterprise has double duty; he is also an ordained minister preaching God's word and the Gospel of Jesus Christ to youth and adults since his first sermon in 1988. His business philosophy is an extension of his ministry. For more information on this new licensing opportunity, please contact Robert at Fine Products, Inc. 978-630-4477.

April 2010

ATTENTION ALL PLASTIC INJECTION MOLDING MANUFACTURERS, AND U.S. & INTERNATIONAL PET PRODUCT DISTRIBUTORS! Fine Products, Inc. is now offering a new patent pending Dog Brush for licensing to qualified U.S. and international manufacturers – distributors of pet products. The new Dog Brush is equipped with a push button hair ejector mechanism. The product’s inventor, Marjorie Hall, president of Doggone Pet Products is a seasoned inventor and has had success with her earlier version of the Dog Brush called The Doggone Bone Brush which sold out on QVC with a repeat showing as well as catalog and retail sales… NOW AVAILABLE for License or volume sales, Her newly designed PAW PAW Dog Brush is an improved version of the Doggone Bone Brush. This new patent pending product is a sure seller and ready to go... Hurry, this one won't last long. All inquiries accepted, Call Robert at 978-630-4477, (Power point presentation, Instructional Video, Prototype, and Mold Details available).

March 2010

NEW TOOL FOR OEM SALES Fine Products, Inc. along with Ross Machining is re-introducing the Multi-Grip PVA (Parallel Vise Accessory), invented by Master Tool and Die Maker, Machinist and inventor, Leo R. Ross. The Multi-Grip PVA is an economical tool used to easily hold circular and odd shaped work pieces in a vise, Surface Saver inserts protect the surface finish on the work piece. The Multi-Grip PVA is an ideal tool for machinists, craftsmen and hobbyists of all types.

December 2009

NEW SOFTWARE Fine Products, Inc. has purchased KeyCreator 9.0 Software by Kubotek USA. The KeyCreator is capable of generating quality 3-D graphics with multiple file type inputs and outputs compatible with popular software programs, including; SolidWorks, Pro-Engineer, AutoCAD and most other 3-D software programs. The new software improves FPI's ability to seamlessly communicate with client's various CAD system generated files, and provides improved output file communication for manufacturing methods including, Rapid prototyping, (SLA, SLS, DMLS) Molding and CNC programming.

November 2009

NEW QUALIFIED SUPPLIER for FPI: Ross Machining, located in New Ipswich, NH, owned by Leo B. Ross, is recognized as a qualified manufacturer and supplier for Fine Products, Inc. Leo B. Ross has more than 24 years of expert CNC machining experience, with specialties in the fabrication of complex medical surgical devices, military products and High Vacuum Deposition tooling and equipment. Ross Machining offers prototype through low volume machining and manufacturing services for all industries. Ross Machining provides priority component machining and light manufacturing for Fine Products, Inc. clients.

July 2008

NEW PATENT PROTECTION OBTAINED The Floss Advance technology was issued a U.S. patent on July 1, 2008. Licensing is now available to qualified manufacturers and distributors. Send us a Quote Survey for more information.