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ATTENTION: RETAIL ELECTRONICS MANUFACTURERS AND MAJOR RETAILERS!!! Fine Products, Inc. is seeking licensees for this all New “GO GREEN” pat. pending consumer retail technology. With a single “Receipt Saver Pro” card, consumers can electronically archive all their retail shopping receipts in one easy paperless networked location to remotely track their spending and to access for future returns. The technology is also ideal for retailers to boost marketing information and sales. The new patent pending technology was developed by Mr. Vadim Drozd of New Jersey. The Receipt Saver Pro Technology is available now for technology transfer or licensing. For more information, Contact Robert at Fine Products, Inc. 978-630-4477, E-mail: rross@fineproductsinc.com



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The All New GenTent™ is available NOW! Use the durable GenTent™ safety canopy to protect your portable generator and electrical cable connections against all weather conditions. This product was successfully tested in Hurricane Irene and the recent 20" Snowtober storm. MADE in the USA! The GenTent™ was invented by Mark Carpenter of New Hampshire, CEO of GenTent Safety Canopies LLC. Fine Products, Inc. worked with Mark to develop this one of a kind patent pending product. The FPI team designed and built prototypes of the universal telescoping clamp that enables the GenTent™ canopy work on a very wide range of portable generators. GenTent Safety Canopies is graciously offering Fine Products, Inc. and friends their maximum discount... Contact Fine Products now to receive a complimentary discount code, while supplies last.

Order the GENTENT Here

Swinga Baby™


The Swinga Baby is a new patened economical swing accessory for use with existing Baby Car seat carriers. Car seats are required by law, here is a new use for the baby car seat that a child becomes so familiar with. Fine Products, Inc. has assisted Mark Furman, the inventor of the Swinga Baby to design, engineer and test this new product. For more information on the Swinga Baby product or to become a licensed manufacturer or distributor, please call Robert at 978-630-4477.

Order the Swinga Baby Here


The Multi-Grip PVA was invented and patented by Leo R. Ross, Master Tool and Die Maker. The Multi-Grip PVA is a parallel vise accessory for holding circular and odd shaped work pieces. "An every craftsmens tool". It was originally offered by Ross Specialty Tools, founded by the late Leo R. Ross. The Multi-Grip PVA is now being re-introduced by his sons through Ross Machining and Fine Products, Inc. The Multi-Grip PVA is available now for direct sales and custom orders or OEM volume sales, all inquiries accepted.


The Floss Advance is a patented automatic dental flosser equipped with removable drive extensions and disposable Floss Advance Cartridges. Drive Extensions and floss cartridges are sized for different sized mouths. Floss cartridges can have added gels and flavors. Floss Advance was invented by Harvey Apotheker D.M.D. having an office in Gardner MA, and Robert Ross of Fine Products, Inc. Dr. Apotheker is also a pioneer inventor of the modern day Surgical Stereo Microscope used to perform dental surgery. He obtained contracts with Johnson and Johnson to develop the microscope and was recently recognized for his many contributions to the industry. Licensing is available for the Floss Advance Technology, engineering support is also available through Fine Products, Inc. Please contact Robert at 978-630-4477, rross@fineProductsinc.com.

Floss Advance




The Taco-Tamer, taco holder is ideal for restaurant and home use. Available in many sizes and shapes and reusable as well as disposable materials including; Reusable Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Plastic, Ceramic and Disposable metal foil. The taco tamer can also be made from edible materials. The Taco-Tamer is available for OEM sales.

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