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Grillers Serving Tray

New Custom hand finished aluminum and stainless steel serving trays with gripped handles. The Grillers Serving Trays are available with a unique removable center balanced handle that allows for single handed carry, ideal for home use, tailgating restaurant and catering services. The Grillers Serving Tray is Available for OEM Sales in custom sizes, shapes and materials and LOGO's.


Indroducing the patent pending PAW PAW Dog Brush, from Doggone Pet Products is now available for licensing through Fine Products, Inc. Marjorie Hall, president of Doggone Pet Products, is a seasoned inventor. An early version of the brush shaped like a Bone had good success selling on QVC. The mold for the Bone Brush is no longer available, so now here is an improved version of the brush shaped like a dog's paw having a more durable construction, scratching toenails and more bristles were added. Contact Robert for more information, 978-630-4477.

Organic Color Restoration Dye

New Organic Color Restoration Dyes for Mulch and Lawns! Fine Products, Inc. (FPI) is now seeking distribution contracts for patent pending Lawn and Mulch Restoratioon Coloring Dyes, made in the USA. Now restore your fading yard mulch or touch up drying grass spots to its original attractive color using the new patent pending non toxic coloring dyes developed by Marjorie Hall, new product inventor. The new system is available in powder mixture or in liquid form. Just add a small proportion to a gallon of tap water, mix and spray the affected areas of the yard that need color restoration. The chemical is organic so it is safe for use in yards where children and pets play. Green coloring is used for grass touchups, ideal for realtors or before the big BBQ. Three shades of coloring are available for mulch, (red , brown and black) coloring dye dries durable and lasts for weeks. Product is Made in the U.S.A., wholesale orders up to 25,000 units will ship within 2 weeks, F.O.B. Idaho. Wholesale orders and licensing is now available to qualified distributors. for all inquiry's, contact Fine Products, Inc. Gardner, MA 01440, 978-630-4477



***SORRY THIS PRODUCT NO LONGER AVAILABLE*** Patented Clamp on Tray for Neurosurgical Patties, Clamps rotate to be placed on top of MAYO stand. Invented by Johnnie Gaillard, president of Innovative Surgical Solutions, LLC. The new tray is available now for licensing. Ideal for reusable autoclavable medical grade or disposable plastic molding manufacturers and reusable stainless steel tray manufacturers with global distribution. For more information please contact Robert at Fine Products, Inc. 978-630-4477.

Adjustable Picnic Table


FPI is licensing an adjustable structural tubular assembly for recreational park equipment including; picnic tables, park benches and other similar tubular structural equipment for inventor Mr. Leverne Moore of Moore Enterprise, NC. For information on this opportunity, please contact Robert at Fine Products, Inc. 978-630-4477.



The Steel Ribs are intended for sanitary banquet or concession style food service. Ideal for restuarant buffets, or for home group parties. Serves 100's of food items, including; Grilled foods, Sandwich wraps and rolls... Use also for Pastries and Doughnuts... Fruits and Vegetable slices...mixed samplers, be creative. The Steel Ribs can be custom made to hold any quantity of items and custom sized to support almost any item including; Tacos, Pita Pockets and other odd shaped food items. Handles allow for easy carry to and from the service area. Available for OEM Sales with custom LOGO's



This new Pita Pocket Holder supports 9" or larger pita pockets during filling and serving. Custom sizes, shapes and material types available. Handles provide for easy carry. Ideal for restaurants and home use. Available for OEM Sales in custom sizes, shapes, materials and LOGO's.

Your Invention


This Space is Now Available to feature your NEW product or invention. Please Contact us for more information, 978-630-4477 voice, fill out an online Quote Request Survey, or send us an e-mail, "Together we will make a Difference".

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